Fly Fishing Fabisch, the Weekly Picture Archive 1 - 2021

Weekly pictures Archive 2021one

The Weekly pictures archive 2021 part one


Here is a new weekly picture archive 2021, part one at Fabisch fly fishing. Most posts in this archive will be weekly pictures from Europe and Canada. The Themes are nature, fly fishing or fly tying and panning for gold.



River or Lakes, the Wiesent, week 06

Obviously I wanted to find out what the Wiesent would look like this end of January 2021, so I drove to Pretzfeld as soon as the limit for trips of 15 km around your home was canceled. What I saw came as quite a surprise. The lower Wiesent Valley resembled a sort of lake district rather than a river scenery. After all, the width of the valley there is about 1.5 km.

Although frost still had its grip on the trees on nearby slopes, there was enough water to flood around 90 percent of the pastures. I quickly abandoned the idea to take a little walk by the Wiesent. Surprisingly, the situation upstream seemed almost normal. From Muggendorf to the junction of the Püttlach into the Wiesent there was plenty of water, but it all flowed inside the river bed.

The Wiesent River in Frankonia

Weekly picture 06 2021

The good news was that I did not even see one cormorant this day. I don´t know the reason for their absence, but it made me happy anyway. We´ll know more in early March.


The New Season, week 09

Monday this year´s season for brown trout opened. After all this bitching and nagging about things you were not allowed during the lockdown I had expected to meet lots of anglers on the rivers but there were but three on the Püttlach and four on the Wiesent, but that was it! The temperatures were pleasant and couldn´t serve for an excuse either.

Of course the water temperatures were still low, so the fish were still a bit sluggish. Despite this, a few fish couldn´t resist my nymph. The start into a new season turned out a success. Considering the low temperatures we have had this winter the fish seemed well fed and in good shape. Now we´ll have to see if we´ll be able to travel in the future.

The Yukon in Yukon Territory

Weekly picture 09 2021

I´d love to know how overseas travel will work this year. The photograph shows a little piece of the Yukon in Yukon Territory. By the way, this is definitely no place to try and leave the river or to capsize and loose the boat!


Pretty Tough, week 16

Flyfishing has been rather tough and slow these last weeks. With only a few exceptions, temperatures were low, so the water in our rivers and creeks stayed cold. Accordingly, the trout and grayling showed very little activity. The fish seemed glued to the river bottom and refused to be lured away.

Fishing was per se difficult, and it was practically impossible to spot larger specimens. There were, however, exceptions - although very few. Longer sunshine hours are a prerequisite for more activity. The depth of the spots we fish should not exceed 2 meters. Tie on a well weighted nymph and try your luck even though there´s no guarantee for success!.

Rainbow trout from Wiesent river

Weekly picture 16 2021

Someone who did everything right was my friend Rafi, and the 52 cm rainbow is proof of that. Ah, by the way, 4 weeks ago there was also a 54 cm brown trout!


The Püttlach River, week 19

The Püttlach is a small meadow brook that flows into the Wiesent near the village of Behringersmühle. There are several ways by which permits may be obtained, but not all of them are easy. Some places demand 6 days of lodging for you to be eligible for a permit.

There are other ways, though. So make sure to collect all the information available. Also, the permitted ways of fishing may vary greatly from one beat to another. There are beats that allow only flyfishing, but then there are some in which any artificial lure may be used. Check these points before you buy your permit!

Fly fishermen on the Püttlach

Weekly picture 19 2021

The photograph shows a part that allows spoons and spinners besides flyfishing. Still, the two flyfishers were successful with their dry flies.


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