Canada Fly Fishing Trip BC 2005

This gallery will show you pictures of the Canada Fly Fishing Trip for Steelhead in British Columbia 2005. On this trip we fished with dry flies and nymph in West Canada.

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It's only to give you some thoughts, how beautiful Briish Columbia is. Unbelievable landscapes, surprising river and lakes. Also hard fighters like cohos, steelhead and other fish on the Fly rod.

Enjoy the pictures in a beautiful landscape in British Columbia. Here is the autumn tour 2005 in the middle of Indian Summer.

In 2005, we had a pretty good fishery over three days on the Kispiox River. This is quite deep in the land of the natives, which exploited some of these pretty bad becomes. So it is the order of the day that for particularly good places at the river an extra amount for entering the shore is required! Just above the steelhead Camp used to be a full hock up campsite. Unfortunately, the owner died of a heart attack, although he was still spent in the States. All efforts unfortunately did not help. This campground was perfectly located on the Kispiox. At normal water level you could cross the river with waders. From the other bank you had the Possibility to fish three great pieces lying above, one behind the other. However, after the campground was closed, it come to problems with the owners of the properies upstream.

Just in the first year after the owner died, incredible things happened on the spot. We asked the steward of the campsite if we were allowed to cross the property to the river and we got the permission. Unfortunately, the owner of the property above did not agree at all. The whole thing went so far that we were pelted by her with stones and had to call the police.

2005 was also the year I had my first heart attack in April, but with better outcome than the campsite owner. Still, it was an indescribable feeling that I had during the tour. One feels betrayed by one's own body and is quite helpless against the situation. Besides, you do not know when it will happen again.

If you have any questions about the Canada Trip 2005, such as fishing, accommodation or costs, you can always contact me. Of course, no conclusions can be drawn from the 2005 costs on other years. So 2005 has other gasoline and accommodation prices than other years. Unfortunately I had my first heart attack in April 2005. So I was very curious, how it will go with the Canada trip. Actually, almost no difference to earlier. Since I was traveling alone in a pickup, I had partly already a strange feeling, which leave later. More about Canada Fly fishing 2005 you will learn directly from me.

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