Canada Fly Fishing Trip BC 2011 with dry flies and nymphs

The first Canada trip with my new Canon camera was in 2011, the results are really good pictures even in flight. However, being on the water proper care has to be taken, otherwise it will be very expensive...

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However, you should exercise the right care on the water, otherwise it will be expensive. My Canon 550 D should give me pleasure for many years from this year. Had I worked with Aldi's digital equipment up to this point, with very satisfactory results, now things should turn out even better. Also the acquired optics promised a huge leap for the better.

2011 brought good results on Vancouver Island. In the north, only the Bulkley River was fishable and only for a few days. Then we were forced heavy rains leaving the Smithers area. On the way south I was in such a hurry that I got my first ticket for driving too fast. We had much more fun on Vancouver Island. Amazing was first of all the difference in the amount of water available. Has the flooding expelled us in the north, one or the other stream on the island would have needed a bit more water. Despite that, we were able to catch quite good catches on the island. The highlight was the brown trout on the Cowichen River, as well as the Coho fishery on the Quinsam River.

Just the Coho fishing with nymphs of the hook size 10 is an ultra exciting story. The result is that you are more satisfied with a three kilos fish than with a six kilos fish. Bigger salmon will destroy your small hook. On the other hand you get way more strikes on small nymph as on big ones. It is a real good experience, to fish with small hooks for big salmon.

Four people on the way to catch Steelhead with nymphs and dry flies. Two vans with seven seats each are big enough for four fishermen and to fit their equipment.

Here are a few select images from British Columbia, taken in a beautiful landscape during the Autumn Tour 2011 in the middle of the Indian Summer. The good photos were already going on this year about Greenland. Although I had only a standard lens up to 135 mm, the photos from more than 10,000 meters were incredibly good. Then it went on with the approach to Vancouver.

Enjoy the pictures in a beautiful landscape in British Columbia. Here the Autumn Tour 2011 in the middle of the Indian Summer.

If you have any questions about the Canada Trip 2011, for example, in terms of fishing, the accommodation or the cost, you can write me anytime. Of course, you can't compare other years with 2011. The Canada Fly Fishing Trip BC 2011 with dry flies and nymphs was very successful for everybody in the group.

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