Canada Fly Fishing Trip BC 2007

Here you will see some pictures of the Canada Fly Fishing Trip for Steelhead in British Columbia 2007. We fly fished with nymphs and dry flies in some rivers up north and on Vancouver Island as well as in Alberta at the Bow river.

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It's only to give you some ideas about the different rivers and area. No doubt, BC is a very beautiful piece of the earth, enjoy it.

In 2007 we visited Calgary for the second time. We took the challenge and fished the Bow river. We read in front of the trip, that there are huge hatches of small mayflies. But when we reached the river, it was so windy that all the small flies were blown away.

There was also a trip to the Bow River in Alberta. Fly fishing on the outskirts of Calgery on Rainbow and Brown Trouts. At that time was my wholesale with fly fishing accessories still active in Canada. The main reason for the trip to Calgary was, as in the previous year, the visit to a buyer for a right large dealer chain with branches throughout Canada. The buyer was also a well-known guide to the Bow River. Did I had no time in 2006 with the fishing of the Bow river, I had enough time to do it in 2017. We also caught a few trouts, but the very large specimens were very rare. The special feature of the Bow is the massive hatch of very small mayflies. Like the tricos in the US, hatching can activate very large fish. Unfortunately we had only one day to fish and we had very bad wind conditions. As soon as the flies hatched, they were blown into the embankment by the strong wind from the water. So in the evening we had fished the one or other fish up to 50 cm, but of those with more than five kilograms we missing any trace. However, it is not out of the question that I am going to fish there again, but then with a little more time.

This year I caught my first twenty pounder Steelhead at the Copper. Although this was not the rule in the following years, it was already more common. Also, for the first time I fished the Athabasca River, which has its course in an incredibly beautiful landscape. The results there were quite meager, but even there the last word is not spoken yet. Maybe I will go there to fish again. In the further course of this river is raped by the oil sands industry downright. But that's another topic.

Our only chance was to use nymphs. After one hour I had tried every single nymph from my box, but without any success. So only one older pheasant tail from my vest was not tried at this time. I connected it to my very long leader and with the first cast a big rainbow took that nymph. The nymph was extra heavy, tied with two tungsten beads. From that moment I got one strike after the other. What I learned in this hours at the Bow river was, that it is sometimes a good idea to give even older flies or nymphs a chance.

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