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Let me take you into my world of flies, tying and fish

My Canada galleries are designed to let you lean back and enjoy the pictures of nature and steelhead. The focus is on the beauty of Western Canada as well as on searching for Steelhead. On our first trips from 1990 on, my friends and customers went only to Vancouver Island. To fish there is not too different from the way in our home regions in Central Europe. Later on we have added the Skeena watershed with its rivers Bulkley, Copper, and Kispiox to our destinations. I am much obliged to Klaus Stühler for giving me much appreciated information on where to go to fish the Bulkley. It is definitely fun to tie patterns for these waters, as they are as a rule much larger than the ones needed to fish our home rivers in Germany and its neighboring countries.

More than 45 years on rivers, Wolfgang Fabisch

It was 46 years ago that I laid hands on a rod for flies for the first time. Only 4 years later tying of flies was my next goal. A lot of water has run down rivers into the sea since then, and I've had the chance to learn a few things about fly fishing. I have been running my own school for over 35 years now, and I can put my experiences at your disposal for your benefit.

In 1993, I passed my exam as FFF certified fly casting instructor under examiner Mel Krieger; in 1998 I became a certified master casting instructor of (then) FFF-E (now EFFA).

As a member and examiner of EFFA, I have been able to congratulate many new colleagues on passing their exams as certified casting instructors. Some of them may have needed more than one try, but a little expert help led them to success.

Many of them are now successfully teaching fly casting themselves, some in their own schools.


Another anniversary: for 23 years I have been traveling to Canada to catch steelhead on flies - my personal all-time-favorite. Join me for a trip and profit from my experience!


Casting Clinics

I offer three different casting classes:

- casting clinics for beginners

- casting clinics for advanced fishers

- casting clinics for candidates wishing to become certified casting instuctors

I also teach tying of flies

The aim of all of my classes is to teach you to enjoy fish, and to fish successfully - with flies and nymphs you can tie easily and quickly.

British Columbia, Canada is a pretty large piece of our planet, three times the size of Germany. Time is limited, so why waste it?

Wishing you lots of fun and success.

Yours sincerely,


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