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Vivarelli Fly Reel made in Italy


This semi-automatic Vivarelli fly reel made in Italy is mostly made of carbon and weighs just 105 grams. One of its advantages is a very fast line retraction with extremely light weight. No heavy spring or mechanics, but a catching up of the leash after the flywheel principle. The spool filled with backing and fly line is completely sufficient as a mass. This mass is accelerated with the long lever and then continues to rotate.

Especially on overgrown waters, where the fly line has to be wound up with every change of place, this fly reel is the absolute hit. A few movements with the lever and 15 meters are wound up in a jiffy. The mechanism is set in motion with the rod hand, so a real one-handed operation!

However, this mechanism also has a disadvantage! A reasonable drill of a good fish is hardly possible with this fly reel. So everyone has to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision. On heavily overgrown waters, fly fishing for trout and other fish with this reel is a pleasure. However, as soon as larger fish have to be expected, the Vivarelli is certainly not the first choice.

Line capacity up to WF 6F.


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