Fly Fishing in British Columbia Canada, the Steelhead Trip 2006

2006 was the trip after my heart attack in 2005. My feeling was way better as in 2005. You will change your sight after a heart attack, some little things are much more important as before.

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I always like to catch fish, especially in British Columbia. This big steelhead, on a nymph or on a dry fly, is undescriptional. If you haven't had this experience in you life, you will miss it forever! Imagine the moment, when a wave starts to grov behind your dry fly. You are fishing on the famous Bulkley river with a Bulkley Mouse in a swing. Only seconds before the fish hits your fly (or not), this wave comes up. This seconds can be really really long. And you are not sure if the Stealhead will take your pattern or not.

Here you will see some pictures of the Canada Fly Fishing Trip for Steelhead in British Columbia 2006, with dry fly and nymph in West Canada with Wolfgang Fabisch.

It should only do something appetizing, to visit the different river and area. BC is a really beautiful piece of the earth, enjoy the pics.

In 2006 only my wife and I enjoyed British Columbia on our steelhead fly fishing trip. We drove 7500 km across British Columbia and Alberta.

Everything went well with this trip, rather holding back at the water, but with a real chanche for a good fish. Then of course not too happy, who can say how that arrives at the pump? The cigarettes are still totally taboo, but it will not stay that way. Also the food is totally thought out, this will also change again. The fishing worked really well. Where too many fishermen were on the way, I did not even stop. It is so much Place in British Columbia, so you do not need to push between others, or even pending somewhere. Believe it or not, thousands of miles of water are available, almost unimaginable for a Central European. The moral of the story is pretty simple. If you lie around somewhere in the last shirt, calm and star, all the money does not help much. As long as you are mobile, you should use the time. The whole saving is right and good, but you should not forget life completely.

At that time I was still trying to gain a foothold in Alberta with my wholesaler in Canada, so the trip to Calgery. Overall, we came on this trip up to 7500 km driving distance. Along the US border to Crows Nest, then on to Calgery. From there via Banff and Kamloops and then towards Prince George. Last but not least to Terrace. Not enough back to Vancouver. Then over to Vancouver Island for fly fishing on the Stamp, Campbell River and the Cowichen River,

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