Canada Fly Fishing Trip BC 2010

Our Canada Steelhead Trip 2010, we were on the way to fly fish steelhead with dry flies and nymphs. A trip to fly fish Western Canada with campers or with Van and Motel. Both variations have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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In 2010, our group of four people performed well in the Skeena area and on Vancouver Island. The fished rivers in the north were the Copper and the Bulkley River. Both rivers were very well fishable, so it came to one or the other attempt with the dry fly. Unfortunately, these attempts up in the north remained without result. It was not until much later, on the Thompson River, that I had a lucky streak. I was able to convince six Steelheads with the dry fly there in two hours. A result that I never reached on the mainland again. On Vancouver Island, I once had a score of nine steelies in two hours, but that was in another year! The basic prerequisites for good results are water and weather conditions. In 2010, both were top. Two friends were the first time in West Canada, but both have caught really nice fish. Unfortunately we did not have fun with the weather on Vancouver Island. It was pouring with rain, not a single river was fishable.

So we decided to return from the island back to the mainland. In Hope, a small town 170km east of Vancouver, we wanted to spend the last few days. With a bit of luck you can get away with it in bad weather even halfway with one blue eye. That's how it was this time. The Coquihalla was in good condition, fishing at all pools was successful.

In addition, Hope is a really nice little place at the entrance to the Coast Mountains. Actually closes here the circle, which one drives on the tour. I used to think of building a small cabin in Hope, but then I strayed away from it. Such a cabin is there all the time. But I'm only there at the beginning and at the end of the tour, if it comes up to a week a year, that´s all. That would be wasted money for a cabin.

Steelhead fly-fishing and first-time gold-washing in British Columbia Canada 2010, at Bulkley, Copper, Gold River and other waters. Who would have thought at that time that the gold panning will once again occupy such a high importance. Unfortunately, the yield was not really large. The good news is that there is gold in almost every stream.

Enjoy the pictures in a beautiful landscape in British Columbia. Here the Autumn Tour 2010 starting in the middle of september. On our way south we fished the Thompson River with dry flies for steelhead.

2010 was also the first year with some gold panning in a few British Columbia river. Panning was not very successful but good enough to receive some training. We got some lessons at the Coquihalla river about gold panning. From this time, I had very rarely an empty pan. Since 2011 I worked with not too bad success in Swiss and in Austria on the gold. All together the 2011 trip brought us a lot of fun. We enjoyed the time in Canada.

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