Pictures from landscape and wildlife during the years

Here you can see some special pictures from the landscape and wildlife of British Columbia. I took them during the years, when I visited West Canada. There are some nice pictures of the Skeena, Copper, Bulkley, Kispiox and Fraser River.

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But just as special landscapes or animal pictures. These pictures are also meant to whet your appetite for British Columbia, Alberta or West Canada in general. Of course, some of the pictures have a special value for the fellow travelers, simply because they were involved in the situation. However, I already believe that they are so impressive enough to impress objective observers. Here's a cut over more than ten years tours in British Columbia / Canada.

I had a lot of great experiences on my tours for Steelhead fly fishing in West Canada. Especially the encounters with the bears are definitely unforgettable. Luckily, they all turned out to be positive. I do not even want to know how many Pumas watched me. Never has anyone been seriously injured or affected by a serious illness on these tours. Nevertheless, one of my experiences is that nature in Canada is beautiful, but also totally brutal. What is not really totaly healthy, does not have a very good chance of survival. But for healthy people it is the dreamland par excellence.

Visits in summer or autumn will not attack anyone. The february and march monthalone can really get on your nerves and health. On the mainland it is too cold for all fishing activities, only in the south and on Vancouver Iceland can the fly fisherman become active. However, weeks of fly fishing at zero to five degrees and constant rain can really get on your nerves. Another factor is the fact that the Steelheads do not jump at the fly fisherman in winter time. Even die hard fly fishermen can lose their appetite. So far, however, I have always succeeded in motivating them anew and to move back to the water.

Another experience in British Columbia is the search with the pan for the gold. I have tried for many years, but without success. In 2010 we met a local gold panner at Coquihalla and he showed us how to use a pan properly. Since then I never had an empty pan again. I have tried it successfully not only in British Columbia, but also in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Interested friends and fellow travelers have the opportunity to taste it with a pan. Riches are not found, but in Canada you can find gold in almost every river. Even in the Fraser, the largest river in BC, you can find a lot. If you want to do something on your own in this direction, you should inform yourself about the local law. After all, some disputes in the north end still today deadly, so ask at the local tourist office. By the way, there are some public claims that are free for everyone.

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