Canada Fly Fishing Trip BC 2009

Canada Steelhead Trip 2009, fly fishing steelhead with dry flies and nymphs on the mainland and on Vancouver Island.

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A trip to fly fish Western Canada with campers or with Van and Motel. Both variations have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which is chosen depends on the rent of the RV and the price of gasoline. Consumption of a RV lieth at 30 liters...

2009 brought good results in the Skeena area and on Vancouver Island. The fished rivers in the north were the Bulkley and the Copper River. Both offered excellent water conditions. Although Fritz and I were terribly sick with cold in some cases, and I even had to walk in a clinic, we had great catch results. In the walk in clinic, I was really lucky. In the beginning, the doctor said that I could not get on the dam without antibiotics. My objection that I had had antibiotics five times during the year did not make it valid. Your neck is bloody inside, so take the stuff. How about fishing, I ventured to ask. Well, assume that you are battered. Fish yes, but do not overdo it. He then gave me some rules of behavior and wished me a speedy recovery.

My friend Fritz had been waiting in front of the clinic and was curious about the result. First, I told him that the doctor was also a fly fisherman. Then, from the next day, we would do old man style fishing. He wanted to know what was meant by old man style fishing. Well, I said, once you sleep well and long. Then a decent breakfast, not be on the water before noon, etc. Since Fritz is more of a cozy, this arrangement was very accommodating to him. Almost unbelievable, but with half power we caught more this year than in the years before, when we were really healthy. I was also able to try out a completely new method in fly fishing for the occasion. The top functionality of this process was involved in the good result. So we had a really nice fishery with great results despite the illness..

Unfortunately, it is not always the case that assistance falls back positively. On this trip Fritz and I meet three fly fishing ladies from Washington - USA. They wandered along the Bulkley River pretty haphazardly, completely unsuccessful. So we offered them to fish the Bulkley and later the Copper River with us. The women gratefully accepted it, then they succeeded at the Copper to catch some steelhead. They thanked us for this trip with having a dinner in a good restaurant. However, two of the women were so sick with a flu, that we got infected during this dinner. Enjoy these pictures in British Columbia with its incredibly beautiful landscapes. Here is the autumn tour 2009.

Also fishing at the beach in the seawater for cohos could be a nice experience with a fly rod.

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