Canada Fly Fishing Trip BC 2008

Here you will see some pictures of the Canada Fly Fishing Trip for Steelhead in British Columbia 2008. 2008 brought me one of my best steelhead from the Copper River. This huge fish was close to 24 pounds.

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From Seattle to Hope it is just 70 km further than to Vancouver but sometimes that saves several hundred dollars on the rental price of the vehicles it is easy well worth the detour. Only the border crossing is sometimes a bit annoying. Sometimes the officers between the USA and Canada have an art in which you have to pull yourself together so as not to get stuffy. However, this would only be detrimental to one, so it is better to hold the mouth.

Rüdiger used this trip to fulfill a dream with us and celebrate his fiftieth birthday in Canada. Several captured steelhead rounded his British Columbia experiences positive. Not all riders are always successful. Not that you don´t catch anything, but sometimes the target fish is the Steelhead, not there. Others are fortunate enough to have two steelheads hooked on the first day. But fail to land one of them. In Canada, in the land of fisherman dreams, a good deal of luck is part of the success.

I was lucky on this trip. At the Copper I managed to catch one of my biggest steelheads, as always with the nymph. Just the year before, I had cracked the twenty pound mark there, but the fish in 2008 was twentyfive pounds. The catch of such a fish with a 0.25 leader will not be forgotten in life. It does not necessarily have to be the big fish that are unforgettable. Years before, I managed to catch two Steelheads with 86cm each within half an hour on the Copper. The special thing is, both took a dry fly in the Dead Drift, an experience that I could not repeat until today.

In 2009 we all had pretty good contacts with the fish. I was particularly pleased for our friend with his anniversary. When you celebrate your 50th birthday in British Columbia celebrating and succeeding in fishing, what more could you ask for?

An acquaintance of mine, who is quite successful in the fly tying industry, invited us on this trip to a fishing on a private lake. We fished the day off the boat, whereby the lack of a landing net proved to be a hindrance. Two boats for four was perfect. My wife and I were traveling in one, the celebrant and a friend in the other. Although I was only able to get two rainbow trout on the hook, one weighed four pounds and the second weighed about twice. A really interesting alternative if all rivers have high water conditions and fishing is not possible. Before you spend a lot of time hanging around, you prefer to go to a lake that sometimes contains quite large trout.


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