Fly Fishing Fabisch, the Weekly Picture Archive 2 - 2020

Weekly pictures Archive 2020two

The Weekly pictures archive 2020 part two


Here is a new weekly picture archive 2020, part two at Fabisch fly fishing. Most posts in this archive will be weekly pictures from Europe and Canada. The Themes are nature, fly fishing or fly tying and panning for gold.



Up-and-coming Young Fisherman, week 21

Thinking back to the time we started fishing may be quite a long story for many of us. I started at ten years, even though my father had already been fishing for a long time. He would have liked to have me along much earlier, but I just didn´t feel like sitting at the side of the canal and boring myself to death whenever he felt like fishing. After my mother helped me to cope with that pressure, it took another two years for me to show some interest of my own into fishing. That was fifty-two years ago.

Shortly after that we found out about flyfishing, which put me on track until today. Why am I telling you all this? Well, the young man on the photograph happens to be 10 years also. Now and then we - that is his father, Collin, and me - go fishing together, which always brings back lots of memories from my own childhood. Of course, Collin is a far more advanced angler than I was at his age.

nice pike with young fisherman

Weekly picture 21 2020

That´s a wonderful Northern he caught, isn´t it! You might wonder which of the two is bigger, Collin or his catch. Congratulations on this beautiful fish, and may many others follow!


Berchtesgaden 2020, week 29

During the Eighties and Nineties I frequently taught clinics in Berchtesgaden on the Achen and on Lake Hintersee. Bernd Nickoleit reported on these clinics and the local fisheries for Fliegenfischen, volume 1 - 1990. The clinic lasted for three days and took place on three different beats. At that time three separate permits were needed, nowadays only one permit is needed for all three stretches. This way you can always change to a spot with clear water even in case of rain.

There was three of us fishing in several beats and learning how to best cope with different conditions. We arrived on Thursday, and all beats were in perfect conditions. Unfortunately it kept raining all night long. The water grew considerably higher, but visibility remained high. So all of us caught fish. On Saturday, all fisheries were in top condition and each one of us hooked fish over 50 cm. We paid for the good weather with solid sunburns. On Sunday it rained cats and dogs around noon again so we left for home after lunch.

Nice view to the Watzman area in Berchtesgaden

Weekly picture 29 2020

Fishing there has been so rewarding, so I will again teach flyfishing clinics in the Berchtesgaden area. There will be three-day-clinics for experienced flyfishers and four-day-clinics for beginners. The first day of the beginners´ clinic will take place on Lake Hintersee which offers plenty of room for casting practice and at the same time a good chance of catching fish.

The photograph shows a part of what once was the central beat.


Canada Fall 2020, week 39

OK, I admit that the ado about the Corona virus is starting to annoy me. It is way beyond my comprehension that people otherwise seeming sensible should push their luck by attending mass meetings. This way new hotspots are growing, the government tightens regulations, and the majority of people has to make do with that. Of course I´m mad because I´m going to miss two trips to Canada. That I can´t even start my vehicle in BC this entire year doesnít make it any better. Finally, an end to all this is not within sight - I wouldn´t bet on being able to travel to Canada in 2021!

Who would have thought about such a situation in January or February? If anyone had then predicted that there would not be any flights to Canada or USA this year, I guess he would have been taken away by the guys wearing white sneakers. On the other hand we do have great nature over here in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other European countries. The administrative regulations telling us where we may go and what we may do are unnerving. Again, however, I don´t believe mass meetings will help in any way.

There are beautiful, wild places in Europe too

Weekly picture 39 2020

There are many spots in Europe looking as beautiful as Canada. Knowing we cannot travel where we want to go feels bitter. So, letís show patience and wait what the future may bring.


Practically no way of getting there this year, week 42

Finally it is evident that I won´t be able to get a hand on my stuff in the Yukon this year. I would have liked to start my car once and drive for a few miles. Same with my caravan and I would have recharged my batteries. I´m afraid they won´t function anymore after two years without a recharge. More than that, there might have been a chance or two to fish for trophy fish. Prospecting up there is not too hot, even though there is a lot of gold up there. It is, however, pretty well dispersed and to be successful one would have to work on very large surfaces to have chance of succeeding.

To reach the place this photograph was taken you´ll have to drive 3,100 km from Dawson on the Yukon. I mean Seattle, Washington. Like Vancouver in Canada Seattle is on the Pacific, and these cities share about the same climate. Another thing Dawson, Seattle and Vancouver have in common right now is that they cannot be reached at the moment from over here. About 20% of my trips to British Columbia began respectively ended in Seattle after or before the transatlantic flight. Fly fishermen know Seattle, as nearby Bainbridge Island is the home of the world renowned company SAGE.

The Skyline of Seattle

Weekly picture 42 2020

Not many Europeans will have had a chance this year to enjoy this view of Seattle on the way back from Bainbridge Island . Let´s see what next year will bring in terms of international travel!


Fly fishing in Southern Tyrol (Alto Adige, week 43

About 20 years ago I met a cool guy from Southern Tyrol on a trade show called Aqua Fisch in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. About 10 years later we ran into each other again in British Columbia, Canada. At that time I was able to contribute to his and his friends´ success with a few helpful hints. We have met a few more times in BC since. Recently a very good friend of mine bought an RV which had to be tested on a maiden voyage.

So we started out early on Thursday last week in direction of Bozen/Bolzano, where we got our basic licenses which make you eligible for day permits. The price for permits ranged from €20 to €40 a day. In all the waters we fished we caught fish on dries and nymphs, my friend even caught a Marmorata/Marbled Trout. Moreover, we spotted huge salmonids up to 1 m. The basic licence being valid for 10 years, I count on coming back!

Mountain lake in South Tyrol

Weekly picture 43 2020

The photograph shows one of the waters we fished. Some fantastic scenery, however rather cold at that time of year. Luckily, the temperature inside de RV was a cozy 19° Centigrade.


10 Years Ago In British Columbia, week 45

2010 was a milestone for me, as I survived my second heart attack (Circumflex Occlusion) without too much damage remaining. I could not, however, continue my flyfishing wholesale business in BC/Canada. Despite of this incident my wife, two friends, and I traveled to Western Canada in September. So far I have not had any further trouble with my heart. A probable reason for that was giving up smoking.

Each of us had success in fishing for steelhead, even the two friends who had brought their fly rods to Canada for the first time. Besides steelhead, a few mountain whitefish and salmon could be coaxed into taking our bead head nymphs. As fishing in British Columbia requires barbless hooks only, the fish can be released without too much damage. Unfortunately some regulations have since been changed, much to the disadvantage of foreigners like myself.

The Bulkley River in the middle of Smithers

Weekly picture 45 2020

The photograph shows part of the Bulkley River, in the middle of Smithers. The two gentlemen I happened to meet were also coming from Germany. From the last decade of September there are Germans all over the place.


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