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Weekly pictures Archive 2018one

Weekly pictures archive 2018 part one


Weekly picture archive 2018 part one at Fabisch Fly Fishing. Here again collected pictures from the areas fly fishing, fly tying and nature. The pictures were taken in Europe as well as North America including Canada.



From Horseshoe Bay To Nanaimo


Ferries Terminal in Vancouver

weekly picture 01 2018

When visiting Vancouver in British Columbia, a detour to Vancouver Island is a must. Especially on first visits to B.C., the island is a good introduction to nature in B.C., you might call it Canada for beginners. North of Sayward the island offers large empty spaces of untamed wilderness. A few little villages, and that´s it. South of Nanaimo, however, there is a lot more population. Nanaimo has 84,000 inhabitants, greater Victoria even 360,000. Victoria also is the capital of British Columbia.

It is easy to get to Vancouver Island from Vancouver; BC Ferries offers several alternatives: south of Vancouver the terminal of choice is Tsawwassen , north of Vancouver it is Horseshoe Bay. I have been using these terminals over 30 times in either direction since 1990. The only times I didn´t cross the Strait of Georgia were when the island´s rivers were unfishable. This year and next year I probably won´t visit the island. With one of the next weekly pictures I´ll let you know why. For now so much: from May 17th, an RV will be waiting for us in Whitehorse...


BC Ferries Terminal Horseshoe Bay


Lake Obersee Near Schoenau


View to the upperlake

weekly picture 02 2018

Lake Obersee is situated upstream of Lake Koenigssee and about 15 km from Berchtesgaden. Half of this distance is covered by boat on Lake Koenigssee. En route, the boat passes the Echo Wall, where one of the boat´s crew will demonstrate the quality of this echo with a trumpet. A little farther St. Bartholomae comes into sight, a chapel famous for its pilgrimage by boat. You should, however, postpone visiting the chapel until you return from Lake Obersee, as the weather in this area can change suddenly, and you wouldn´t like getting caught in a thunderstorm.

The hike along Lake Obersee has many beautiful scenic views, but the trail isn´t altogether easy. It requires the hiker´s full attention, especially in tight or steep passages. Hikers taking it on calmly as well as concentrated will make it all the way to Fischunkelalm on the upper end of the lake. An optional 1.5 km can take you to Roethbachfall, Germany´s highest waterfalls at about 470 m. On the way back to St. Bartholomae you should stop at the local guesthouse for a Brotzeit (Bavarian snack), and take a look at the giant lake-run brown trout a taxidermist has prepared many years ago.

Flyfishers fishing the Berchtesgadener Achen or Lake Hintersee could take a day off for this excursion, alone or with the family. Just a hint: on weekends the boat and the trail can be crowded!


Yellowhead highway, Fraser Lake


At Fraser Lake

weekly picture 03 2018

Fraser Lake, a lake and a town sharing the same name. Fraser Lake is on Highway 16, aka Yellowhead Highway. The town of 1200 inhabitants would be just one of many similar ones, were it not for a special attraction to all fly anglers: there is a river feeding Fraser Lake which is renowned as one of the world´s best rainbow fisheries - the Stellako River. You could stop for a day and spend it on the Stellako. You should keep in mind that this is a classified river requiring a special license costing about Can$ 22 per day!

In town you can find a nice carpark divided in spaces for daytime parking and a campground for travelers wishing to stay overnight. Overnighters are requested to pay a fee whereas daytime parking is free. The photograph shows the daytime parking section with our three RVs, the village is uphill from the park. In town, you can find restaurants that serve any meal from breakfast to supper, and in good quality, too. I cannot recommend to spend the night on the campground, though, because the railway runs right alongside it. This railway is the busiest connection between Prince George, Smithers, Terrace, and Prince Rupert!

Fraser Lake is about 150 km from Prince George and the Fraser River. It is connected to the Fraser watershed via the Nechako River, thus forming a freeway for salmon!


Stocking Brown Trout Eggs


Brown trout eggs stocking

weekly picture 04 2018

We have stocked brown trout eggs in WV-boxes previously, even though the work has always been a bit complicated: getting the boxes into the grid, filling the compartments, and closing them, and the plastic looked like... So we decided to try out a new system. The function is equivalent to the old system, but the workmanship is absolutely high tech compared to the old boxes. It is a very long WV box made of stainless steel. The compartments and the slits are perfectly manufactured.

On the photograph you can see the inside parts of stainless steel inside the filling tube. The stocking tubes - we have two of them - are closed, of course. They are each mounted on a heavy concrete block and are already inside the water. Each tube holds over 5,000 brown trout eggs. As we have two of them, we´re talking about 10,000 eggs. Once the insert is charged, the tube is taken inside the water, the insert with the eggs is taken out and charged into the tube already in place in the current. The eggs are always submerged during the entire action. We´ll see the results in due time.

It would be a good idea to fix an old christmas tree or the like beneath the breeding tubes. Christmas trees are currently available and provide some shelter to the fry once they hatch. A few weeks from now we´ll try the same procedure with grayling eggs.


The Trubach


On the Trubach

weekly picture 05 2018

Actually, I have no reason to complain. East of Autobahn #9 there´s the Pegnitz, which I have been able to use for my fly-fishing clinics and meetings for more than thirty years now. By the way - lest you forget - this year´s reunion will take place on April 13th to the 15th, as always in the Gasthaus Zur Traube in Velden. West of Autobahn #9 I hold shares in a lease on the Wiesent, which is one of Germany´s best known rivers for trout and grayling. This gives me room enough to divulge in all possible kinds of fly fishing. The Pegnitz is fed from many sources, the Wiesent has several fishable tributaries.

Just to name three of them: there´s the Aufseß that runs about 30 km, the Püttlach is about 28 km long, and the Trubach about 21 km. The Trubach forks into two branches, which both run into the part of the Wiesent my friends and I have leased. Each of the above three tributaries offers excellent fly fishing. There are still more tributaries, e.g. the Leinleiter. Whenever driving from my home to the Wiesent to fish I drive along the Trubach for the last twelve km. A small brook which holds some rather good trout. Anyone wanting to fish it has to search for places that issue permits.

The photograph shows a small hydroelectric plant on the Trubach in a stretch where permits are issued. In this area, ownership and the places where permits can be obtained may change frequently which means you may have to start your search all over again.


In Grison, Swiss


Water reserve in Switzerland

weekly picture 06 2018

looking at today´s weather in Bavaria, I felt you might appreciate a little contrast. The Swiss canton of Grison (aka Graubünden or Grischun) has many good things to offer, be it for hikers, skiers, flyfishers, gold panners or gourmets. In the last years a few changes have taken place to the disadvantage of foreign tourists. Switzerland has never been a destination known for low prices, but the currency exchange situation has worsened the situation. Finally a few changes have been made locally, concerning licenses and fees due.

For gold panning e.g., local fees have been introduced. You may purchase permits for a day, a week or for an entire year. So you´ll have to do a lot of panning just to cover the cost of permits. Shortly after, the roads you´ll have to take to get to the place where you intend to pan have been converted into toll roads. Looking at those facts, you get the impression that gold panning is supposed to be reduced as much as possible without outright forbidding it. On the other hand: the spot where the photograph was taken is on a road closed to automobiles. When asking the locals, I´ve been told: drive on up, that´s what we all do!

Beautiful scenery in best September sunshine. The path along the lake´s left shore takes you all the way to the glacier. Even up there we saw cars. The water was very clear and in it we could spot several fish, some of them sizable ones.


Grayling Catch and Release


Grayling with Nymph

weekly picture 07 2018

First you have to use all the tricks you know to hook a fish, then you have to do your best to release it as carefully as possible, provided the country you´re fishing in allows this for fish of a size permitting to kill them. Well, we´ve all had our occasional problems. Being slippery, the fish may slide out of your hand - not a big problem as long as he falls into water. If the fish, however, turns out to be the first 75 cm+ steelhead in BC, some anglers try to get the first photograph on the gravelly bank, so they might get a second shot in case it falls. Things you have to see to believe!

Which would be the best way to do it? The best way to release a fish is to do so without taking it out of the water. A prerequisite is to use barbless hooks. In this case you may use the tip of your rod to release your fish. Special care is needed for Grayling and their soft mouths. Soft? If the hook sits deep in the cartilage, getting it out properly may be a little complicated even with a barbless hook. With a barbed hook, your grayling will most probably not survive the operation. If you absolutely need to take photograph keep your fish safely in your landing net. This way you may get prepared, get your hands properly wet, and lift it carefully for this magic moment. Snapshot, release your fish, done!

We take pride in our old culture, and we´re - oh - so progressive, so unlike North America. Just think: they still permit to release fish above the size-limit in BC! And their regulations require single point barbless hooks! How hopelessly backward!


Hydro Power and Winter´s Frost


Trubach Hydropower

weekly picture 08 2018

Winter still has a good grip on our region. Although the clear sunlit skies look promising, temperatures drop way below freezing at nights. Shady places seem to be still deep in hibernation, and may be so for several weeks to come. Even for a walk in the sun, you zip your jacket up all the way to you chin. Well, we still have four more weeks to go before winter ends officially. This weekly picture takes us back to the Trubach, the river we discussed two weeks ago.

On the way from Egloffstein to the Wiesent, right after the village ends, you find this beautiful mill wheel. The valley is so narrow that the sun rarely reaches the bottom of it. So the frost and the frozen spray can remain in place. The little box on the wheel´s left side contains - what else - a little generator. The side of the box not facing towards the camera is has windows, so you can see the generator. It yields 300 kwh in 24 hours without any pollution whatsoever.

The frozen spray forms beautiful icy sculptures you can make out if you take a closer look. I´ll make a point of taking another look at this construction in summer. I can imagine this place would be perfect for a creative break of even a picnic.


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