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Occasionally you stumble in a fly fishing life over particularly efficient fishing methods, or equally efficient changes or extensions in fly casting with the fly rod. Just like an eye-opener you can have this experience with the nymph described here. Actually, she does not look that much impessiv when you see her for the first time. But if she is then fished, top highlights are possible. Tying of this pattern is not that difficult, so just give it a try. Maybe it will encourage one or the other, if he knows that this nymph belongs to my top three patterns.

Fly tying instruction the Dendif. The Dendif is an attractor-type nymph which does not imitate any particular insect.  It's name is supposed to mean: "the only nymph that will always catch fish". I have been fishing it for more than 20 years and it has always proven very successful. It fishes particularly well on early morning and late evening. This is probably due to the combination of colors and the peacock herl's UV-activity.

1. As with almost any pattern, tie on your thread and trim the excess tag. Take the thread all the way to the curve of the hook, but not when you want to use a brass, tungsten, or other type of head. In this case, you first wind the lead wire around the hook, after placing the head.

2. next, tie in a few mallard fibers as tail.

Fly tying the Dendif with Wolfgang Fabisch
Dendif2 Fly tying the Dendif with Wolfgang Fabisch

3. Apply some lead wire to the hook depending to the desired rate of descent. Of course, the body becomes thicker through multiple layers of copper or lead, which counteracts the faster sinking, but the rate of descent rises anyway.

4. Add peacock herl to form your fly´s abdomen, safe it with some half hitches.


5. Tie in a strip of red imitation leather. The fly's original version calls for raffia which is however not as resistant as imitation leather. Take care of the wide of the strip!

6. now wrap the thorax using white chenille. It depends on the diameter of the chenille how often you have to wrap back and forth.


7. cut a"V" as shown from a mallard feather



8. tie that down on the chenille by means of the imitation-leather - strip.


9. color your thread to your liking and make a whip finish. Learn more about the waterproof pen at Simple Dryfly.


10. Done. You have different choices to tie the Dendif. A nice variation of fly tying the Dendif is to use a beadhead. It could be a beadhead of brass as well as of tungsten, depends of the water speed and deepness.


Enjoy fly tying with my instruction and fishing the Dendif!



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