Meeting 2011 for fly fisher

fly fishing and fly tying in Velden

Meeting 2011

As always, the fly fishing meeting 2011 took place in Velden on the Pegnitz in the Gasthof zur Traube. It was a lot of fun for all visitors, visitors and instructors alike. While Theo Atanassov fascinated visitors with his skills in fly tying. The same happens to Jupp Verstraten managed to fly fishing and fly casting. If there are always discussions about throwing fly fishing, there is no question that fly casting, also called casting, is the basis for all kinds of fly fishing. Whether with the dry fly, nymph or wet fly, the streamer or climber, the casting always determines the result when fishing.


Again and again Theo and Jupp amaze the audience with it. The one as a virtuoso at the fly tying, answering all questions from the audience, the other with the fly rod at the fish water with an amazing ease. Take care, this ease is only achieved through years of practice. Attempting to do the same as the advanced fly caster, fails miserably most of the time. However, since the two like to pass on their knowledge to the curious and give interested people a helping hand, a first step towards improving their own performance is quickly done.

Fly fisher meeting 2011
jupp und teo

After the work is done, the actors are a bit tired. Luckily one understands one another, quarrels and quarrels are enough on other levels in the fly fishing.

On Saturday, April 2nd 2011, from 10 p.m. to noon we offer a free introductory fly-tying-clinic for kids. In the afternoon, there will be a fly-fishing clinic for persons with disabilities who flyfish or consider to take up flyfishing. The Pegnitz river is relatively easily accessible by wheelchair upstream of the village of Velden, near the DLRG-shack. There is a parking lot, and after crossing about 15 yards of meadow you reach a large wooden deck on the river, where you may cast and fish from your wheelchair.

If you're interested, please give me a call ahead of time (no later than March 27th, please).

Anybody reading this and knowing disabled persons who might be interested to become a fly fisher: please inform them of this opportunity!
As vice-president of EFFA, I will motivate our association do what we can to help giving persons with disabilities the opportunity to  take up or continue flyfishing. I hope our annual meeting will serve as a beacon to further this cause.

The normal program includes theoretical and practical advice about fly fishing and in the pub about fly tying. On saturday and sunday we start at nine in the morning. Lunch will take place between noon and two pm. After that we have a small competition in fly casting at the banks of the river Pegnitz on sunday. The first three winners receive a present.

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