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Fly tying tools in action


Here's how to use the Dubbing Twister. See the text below the video. The language of the movie is German, but watching it closely will show you all it is about.

fly tying tools dubbing twister in action

As with the whip finisher, both hooks on this tool face in the same direction. This is essential for enabling you to completely close the loop on the side where it is hanging in the tool. All dubbing twisters with hooks facing in different directions don´t offer this possibility. Those other twisters leave a gap of minimum the double diameter of the wire used for the hooks. Unless you can completely close the loop, you will not be able to securely hold cdc fibers or other delicate materials all the way to the lower end of your loop. My dubbing twister makes working with very delicate materials in your loop considerably less complicated. It also enables you to introduce different materials into your loop, one after another. Reducing the tension on your loop just a little bit will open your loop just very slightly. The amount of tension on your loop will close or widen the gap at the lower end. This way you can hold already introduced material inside your loop and introduce different material into the lower half of your loop. Of course you´re bound to drop some of it the first couple of times you try, but this is bound to improve a lot if you keep practicing.


Just keep trying, nothing can break, with one little exception: too much tension on the fine bends of the steel wire might straighten the hooks. It will take excessive force to do so, and most tying threads will break before the hooks give way. Nowadays, however, Dyneema or similar materials have such high tensile strengths they could probably do that. In this case, don´t throw away your twister, the wires can be replaced.

As we do with our whip finisher, we use non-corrosive steel as well as non-corrosive spring steel for our dubbing twister. This ensures a long life of the product even with minimum maintenance. Acually, used as intended the tool is practically unbreakable.

I am at your disposal for any supplementary information. Like all the other fly tying tools I make, I will also offer the dubbing twister in a version with a wooden handle. These special versions with wood handles will be unique and numbered.


Further questions about my tools are welcome. The picture above show you the old kind of the tool, but the link below bring you directly to the new kind, made from stainless steel.

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