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Fly tying tools

fly tying tools dubbing twister

This nice tool will make your tying much easier. It will help you form a perfect dubbing loop that you can close completely without any gap. This is absolutely necessary if you need to use very fine dubbing in the entire length of your loop.

The language of the movie is German, but watching it closely will show you all it is about. The difference of this tool in comparison to others is in the alignment of the hooks, which both face to one side.


Step one: pick up the thread descending from your pattern with the inside of one hook.

Step two: take the thread to the second hook going around the second branch in a way that the thread goes back up to the pattern from the inside of the second hook.

Step three: close the upper end of your loop as shown in the movie. If you now pull lightly on your tool, the lower end of your loop will close all the way to zero if the thread runs correctly on the inside of the tool´s hooks.


Further questions about my tools are welcome. The picture above show you the old kind of the tool, but the link below bring you directly to the new kind, made from stainless steel.

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