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After six years of experience dealing with retailers in British Columbia, we decided to start our own mail-order retail business to sell fishing material and tools directly to customers in all over Canada and USA. The idea was also to make our products more widely available anywhere in Canada and USA.


We offer: Vosseler fly fishing reels, Fabisch fly tying tools, Stenzel vise, Fabisch dyneema leader all made in Germany. Also fishing and tying material, flies and nymphs.


If you are interested in buying any of our products, please note that we accept and deliver prepaid orders only.


The process is as follows:

- you e-mail us your order

- we e-mail our invoice in return, containing only those items that are ready for shipment

- you make payment via PayPal

- upon receipt of your payment we ship your order directly to your home address


Please take note that our prices include shipping for all orders from Can$200.00 to Can$1,000.00. For all orders less than Can$200.00, shipping cost will be charged in our invoice. Orders over Can$1,000.00 would have to be customs-cleared by a broker at your expense.

Tax ( same as you would pay in your local store ) will be collected upon delivery. Canadian customs will also be collected upon delivery ( ~ 3.5% ).


How to order


At our product pages you will find the PRODUCT CODE ( PC ). You need this code to order an intem. For example: You would like to order tying material, a bag of gold beads, diameter 3,5mm. Your order code is: PC 10035

For further informations please feel free to contact us ( see the Contact button below).

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