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Sometimes it is really not easy to catch a fish. On our 2008 trip we fished a private pond close to Kelowna. It was not really cheap, we had to pay can$ 40 for each person, and we were four! Included in the price were two nice boats. I caught two nice rainbow trouts during the day, one on a dry fly and a bigger one on a nymph.

One week earlier I was very lucky at the Copper river. I prefer to fish the Copper river above the Clore confluence. Up there the water is mostly clear, except after heavy rainfalls the water is muddy everywhere. The highest reachable pool at the Copper with car is the Fossil pool. I have never caught a fish in this pool. Maybe 500 meter below is a very nice pool that spent me some really nice steelhead. I caught approximately half a dozen steelhead close to a meter in length in that pool.