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I experienced many great experiences during my tours to Steelhead fly fishing in Western Canada. Especially the encounters with the bears are definitely unforgettable. Fortunately, these are all considered positive. I do not want to know how many Cougars have watched me when I was fishing also. No one ever in these tours was heavy injured or afflicted with a terrible disease. Nevertheless, one of my findings is, that the nature in Canada, although beautiful, but also is totally brutal. What really is not full at the dam, has no particularly good chance of survival. For healthy, it is the dreamland.

Visits in the summer or fall will attack nobody really strong. But the February March period, can already quite go to the nerves. On the mainland it is for all fishing activities too cold, only on Vancouver Island, the fly fishers are active. However, weeks of fly fishing from zero to five degrees and duration of rain go quite a bit to the nerves. If you can`t change it, enjoy it.